If you are in a hurry, your stomach is growling and you want to explore a Munich tourist attraction, you can enjoy a few grilled sausages in Bratwurst Glöckl – either in the rustic sitting area, on the terrace or in the take away counter. Bratwurst Glöckl invites you on a journey through Munich’s history: opened in 1893, when Munich still had 373,000 inhabitants, it was a real „celebrity restaurant“ and, for example, Karl Valentin’s favourite pub. The restaurant is in the Bratwurst-Glöckl house, which was built in 1390 and is thus older than the neighbouring Frauenkirche.

Open from 10 am to 1 am, Sunday and public holidays until 11 pm.

Restaurant Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom
Frauenplatz 9
80331 Munich

Phone: +49 89 29 19 450
Email: info@bratwurst-gloeckl.de


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